Presidents Letter


Welcome to the Oklahoma County Medical Society Alliance!  I am honored to serve as President.  My journey to get here has been long.  I always said I knew what I was getting myself into when I married my husband with this medical journey.  Well, you never REALLY know until you are in it.  The spousal support organizations I have been a part of throughout our journey through residency, fellowship and beyond is what really “got me through.”  I believe in the Alliance and what the Alliance does.  I love that we support each other through community service and supporting our community, but I believe that the core of what we do IS support each other.  


As spouses of physicians, we will always need support.  One goal of mine during my presidency is to expand our reach.  Moreover, medical school classes are now about 50% men and 50% women.  We have dedicated money in our 2019 budget for a men’s group which we are very excited about starting.  


We have an amazing group and it has evolved over the years.  My hope is that this group continues to cater to and support all of our members – new and more senior.  In the end, our Alliance is a family.  I hope to continue to build upon our “family.” We have so much to offer physician spouses.  Plus, we do some pretty great things to help our community that we can be proud of!  We raised and gave away over $30,000 to the community last year.


Again, I am so honored to serve as your President.  My “door” is always open.  I’m so excited about the board I have to work with this year.  It is an amazing group of women who are dedicated to the Alliance.  Be ready to see some great things this coming year.  



Natasha Neumann

OCMSAlliance President