Dear Alliance Members, 

I have served with Natasha Neumann and the board of directors as advisor for the past two years—plus 6 months.  It has been a chance for me to assist the board by providing historical context and advice. I just want to tell you how talented and dedicated these Alliance members are!  


During the early part of Natasha’s leadership, the board members fulfilled their duties with enthusiasm. They were thorough in thinking about the medical family and the Alliance’s role in supporting each other. They held a successful 2019 Kitchen Tour, hosted regular book club meetings, planned monthly community service events, recruited vibrant new members and offered interesting programs at general meetings.  


The board discussed the declining numbers of parents vaccinating their school-age children and decided to act upon their concerns.  A collaboration was formed by the OCMS, OSMA and OSMA Alliance and the Alliance for Healthy Families, raising more than $6,000 to support a statewide campaign promoting childhood vaccinations.  The membership approved a change to the Alliance’s calendar of meetings and events so that we could return to a school calendar.  The change allows for more relaxed planning during the summer and a less hectic transition during the holiday season. Every board member agreed to stay in their positions another six months to accommodatethe change – and then Covid 19 came along!  


This dynamic group of women did not miss a beat. They began meeting by Zoom and continued the planning and work of the Alliance.  Book club and community service continued to meet safely.  Kitchen tour was postponed, and they have plans well underway for the fall of 2021.  We even held two general meetings via Zoom!  Enthusiasm and commitment never waned.


Karen Gunderson and her new board of directors will be installed on September 15 at a luncheon you will be hearing about soon. Please join us in the fall as we continue our Alliance meetings and enjoy the pleasure of seeing one another face to face!  Support these women who have continued to support the Alliance during the most challenging time we’ve ever experienced!  


Thank you, Natasha, for your tremendous leadership!  


Jeary Seikel

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Upcoming Events

September 15th at 11:30 
Officer Installation Luncheon
Plenty Mercantile Rooftop - Downtown OKC

October 20th at 11:30
Kitchen Tour Celebration and General Meeting
Culinary Kitchen - 7222 N Western Avenue

Novemeber 17th at 11:30
General Meeting featuring a meteorologist 
at the lovely home of member, Georgia Scherlag

December 1st at 11:30
Holiday Auction Party and Luncheon
at the lovely home of member, Sandy Beall

January 19th at 11:30
General Meeting featuring Oklahoma's film industry
at the historic W.T. Hales Mansion

February 16th at 6:30 p.m.
Member/Spouse Zoom HappyHour 

March - No General Meeting - Happy Spring Break

April 20th at 11:30
General Meeting featuring cyber security expert 
at the lovely home of member, Dinah L'Heureux

May 18th at 11:30
General Meeting featuring spring garden advice
Troctas Flowers and Garden Center


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Oklahoma County Medical Society Alliance is an organization of physician's spouses and physicians dedicated to:

  • enriching our community through awareness & education about health & wellness

  • assisting non-profit organizations that meet a health-related need within Oklahoma County

  • partnering with physicians to advocate positive legislative changes on behalf of the medical profession

  • building a dynamic network for communication  & support among our local community of physician families.