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Membership in the Oklahoma County Medical Society Alliance (OCMSA) is open to physicians spouses in Oklahoma County.  We welcome spouses at all points in their medical training.   We are a unified county in that membership in the OCMSA includes dues to the Oklahoma State Medical Association Alliance (OSMAA).  Because of members like you, the Alliance remains an effective force in meeting our mission of supporting the medical family, being active in legislative matters that affect medicine and raising money and awareness of health related activities in Oklahoma County. Our community service team is giving direct service through “done in a day” health related non-profit agencies and the kitchen tour is providing significant grant money to area agencies. The board of directors effectively manages the business of our organization and our general meetings provide an outlet for friendship and education.

For more information or to receive a prospective member packet, please contact, Membership Chair, at


  1.  Networking: OCSMA provides networking opportunities among physicians, as well as others in the philanthropic, medical, and business fields in Oklahoma County.

  2. Leadership: There are many leadership opportunities and ways to get involved as committee chairs and board members.

  3. Political Activism: Through legislative involvement the Alliance can show strength in numbers while also personally developing a much deeper understanding of the value and impact of government on medicine.

  4. FUN!!: You have access to fun enrichment groups providing opportunities to socialize with other members!

  5. Self-Improvement: Enrichment groups and meeting programs promote self-improvement and challenge you to try new things.

  6. Support System:  OCMSA members remind each other that they are not alone as they navigate the challenges and joys of life as or with a physician.  

  7. Kitchen Tour: Members can be involved in one the city's most beloved home tour traditions as fabulous kitchens in Nichols Hills are showcased.  

  8. Resume Booster: Opportunities provided such as being on the board, serving as a committee chair, and volunteering in the community are great additions to your resume.

  9. Flexibility: Your level of involvement in the OCMSA is entirely flexible and does not have required hours or attendance mandates.

  10.  Community Service: Community service opportunities and activities draw you closer to the community that we ourselves, our spouses, and significant others care for.

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