Travis County Medical Alliance

Grant Application Procedures


Please submit one unbound copy of the Application Packet that includes all items on the checklist below by Friday, August 18, 2017. After we receive a complete Application Packet, your request will be reviewed by the Grants Committee.  Upon recommendation from that committee, the Executive Board will then consider your request.

 Most grants awarded are less than $10,000 and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. In some cases, a phone conference or site visit may be scheduled as part of the review process.


Special Note
TCMA has removed the restriction prohibiting funding for compensation and, as has historically been done, grant applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
However, exceptions may be made for program services that make an impact on the health of patients. 


        Organization must be an established non-profit with 501 (c) 3 status.

        Include organization's mission, history, and scope of current activities.

        Must be a health care related project. Those which provide and/or support direct patient care are preferred.

        Itemized Project Budget Form 

        Current Operating Budget 

        Most recent Financial Audit 

        List of Board of Directors including all Travis County Medical Alliance or Travis County Medical Society members

        Proposal Guidelines with numbered pages 

Please send 1 completed application packet to: 

Wendy Propst

15 Scott Crescent

Austin, TX 78703

And email one PDF to:  


(This email address is slightly different than in the past. Please update your information with the new email)


**Applications are due Friday, August 18, 2017**


 Travis County Medical Alliance Proposal Guidelines 

Please number all pages and include the following:

1. Executive Summary:  Include a brief executive summary that explains the project, why your organization is requesting funding, and the anticipated outcomes if a grant is awarded.

 2. Measurable Goals:   List at least 3 measurable project goals according to guidelines here.

 3. Narrative Proposal to include:

         Statement of Need - Indicate the problem to be addressed and geographic region to be served. 

        Target Population - Describe the target population and how it will benefit from the proposed project, including projected numbers of people to be served. 

        Project Activities - Describe project activities and logistics, timetable, and statements as to whether this is a new or ongoing activity. If the request is to support ongoing activities, describe previous outcomes or indicators of success. If the request is to expand a program, indicate how the proposed expansion compares with previous years. If there are similar programs and services in your geographic region, be sure to address why your organization is or is not collaborating with existing programs. 

        Evaluation - Explain how measurable goals listed above will be achieved and evaluated. 

        Project Sustainability - Describe how project has been supported in the past and plans to sustain the project after the grant period. 

        Proposal Project Budget Form – please include itemized budget and any other funding sources. 


Grant recipients are asked to provide Final Reports that document quantitatively and qualitatively the extent to which specific project goals have been met. Please review the Alliance's Final Report guidelines to ensure that such information is built into the proposal.

Grant recipients are also asked to include Alliance support in all appropriate publicity. The Alliance will be acknowledged in annual reports and other community donor lists.



Here some sample goal statements to assist you in setting your own goals.  When available please include baseline data (i.e., the current or starting level) and a date for the goal to be accomplished when writing your goals.  


Goals Without Baseline Data:

 To serve 1,800  people per year by December 31, 2010.

               goal       measure                        date


 To raise $150,000 in additional funding by December 31, 2010.

               goal                measure                        date


 To recruit and train 15 volunteers by December 31, 2010.

                             goal & measure                   date


Note:  For new programs, it may be helpful to use data from comparable programs to help you set goals.


Goals with Baseline Data (Current data): 

 To increase the number of people served per year from 1,500 to 1,875by 

  direction +/-                 measure                               baseline    goal


December 31, 2010.     (25% increase)



 To increase   hospital bed capacity from150   to   200 by 

  direction +/-        measure                baseline    goal 


December 31, 2010.     (33% increase)



 To increase the number of courses offered per year from  4      to     10

  direction +/-            measure                                  baseline          goal


December 31, 2010.     (150% increase)