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Kitchen Tour

The Kitchen Tour in Oklahoma City debuted in 1991.  Born of an idea presented at a national meeting, the tour has been a fall tradition for the past 31 years, except for a single Covid cancellation.  Its purpose has been to benefit nonprofits in Oklahoma County that provide health related services.

To date, more than $830,000 has been raised by the annual tour.  Through grant applications, a broad range of nonprofits that promote better health for Oklahomans have received funding.  The Alliance’s Community Service Committee works to provide direct services and donations to area nonprofits through “done in a day” projects and receives a small part of the donations.  In other words:  All of the money raised goes to the community!

Numerous hospitals, doctors, homeowners and local businesses have been underwriters and supports of the Kitchen Tour, while over 160 homes have opened their doors to the public over the years.  The Kitchen Tours has featured beautiful homes and tours have allowed guests to see much more than just kitchens!

Attending the Kitchen Tour is an annual tradition for many families and friend groups.  Thousands of guests have come to enjoy the Kitchen Tour from across the state.

Florists, chefs, table designers and community volunteers have joined Alliance members in giving of their time and talents to the tour.  It is estimated that around 20,000 volunteer hours are needed to host this one-day event.  Multiply that by 30 years, and you find an organization with a heart for the health of the community!

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